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We have updated our website!  Click on our Events link to discover not one, not two, not three, but four events we are holding this year. We are so ambitious, we may add a few more!  Mark your October calendar for a special Friday, Saturday and Sunday where you can sing, mingle and eat a burger.  

All proceeds for these events will go directly to Autism.


The Residence Inn where we are holding our events has a special Daytime Stars and Strikes rate for event attendees.  Click on the link to book your stay!

Daytime Stars & Strikes
Start date: 10/6/17
End date: 10/8/17
Last day to book: 9/15/17
Marriott hotel(s) offering your special group rate:
· Residence Inn Secaucus Meadowlands for 199.00 USD per night

Contest!!  June 13 - June 20th

We want to hear from you. We want to share your story. We want to provide you with Bundle Tickets.
By now, most of you know my story. My son is a 26 year old on the Autism Spectrum. He was diagnosed at age 6 with Aspergers Syndrome, NOS. At one point in time I thought we would remodel our basement and make him an apartment so he could be independent. But, instead, we were able to get our son in a Community Life Program where he absolutely thrives! He has a license, drives his own vehicle and LIVES ON HIS OWN. HIS OWN APARTMENT!
This is what our events are all about - successful transitions from children diagnosed with Autism to adults living with Autism.
We would like to hear a story from you about a successful transition of a family member, a friend, a student, etc.
Here is how the contest works. Write a short story and email it to our Event Coordinator: Wendy and include a photo (if the parents/guardians agree) and we will have Jerry verDorn select a winner! One winner will receive TWO Bundle Tickets because we know you don't want to travel alone! Contest runs through midnight (EST) on June 20th. Good Luck and if you have any questions, please contact the Event Coordinator:   

**Include a photo (please obtain permission from the appropriate party/parties)**